Pre-Departure Orientation

Countdown: 7 hours and 1 minute until arrival. I’m gonna level with you, after 7 hours in the air and with 7 still to come, the majority of my thoughts are centered around grabbing a few Advil and jumping into the nearest bed. Despite that, I can also feel my excitement for the next year … Continue reading Pre-Departure Orientation

NSLI-Y Acceptance and Application Reflection

It's been slightly less than a week since I checked my email to see the subject line, "NSLI-Y 2018-2019 Application Status". Even now, with the email flagged, read, and re-read, receiving it feels like a distant dream. In November of this past year, I remember binge reading as many NSLI-Y blogs as I could possibly … Continue reading NSLI-Y Acceptance and Application Reflection